Car park covering system

Thanks to its versatile, modular structure, parking problems - from a single car space to entire corporate parking areas can be quickly and easily resolved.

In fact, the following structures may be installed:
- single one-sided parking space, with cover overhang reduced to avoid clearance problems;
- single-fronted parking space, with cover overhang at maximum extension (see fig. A);
5x5 m.
- bi-fronted parking space for maximum coverage capacity (see fig. B); 5x10 m.

At high temperatures generated by sunlight
With the arrival of summer, problems start for cars. The high temperatures generated inside cars become unbearable and are the main cause of damage to dashboards and to window
and door seals. Direct exposure to sunlight makes colours fade quickly.

Trees, resin and leaves
Many car parks are embellished by trees the management costs of which often prove to be
high due to the necessity for pruning, maintenance and leaf removal. Additionally, they
generate resin marks which cause considerable damage to car bodywork.

Bad weather and hail
Other climatic conditions such as rain mixed with sand or unexpected hail storms can damage car bodywork and even break the windows.

Tech Sheet

colours available: black - green - blue
Net creating 80% shade
Material: high density polyethylene HDPE U.V. stabilised
Ultimate strength: approx. 2.8 Kg, single thread
Shade produced: 80% with vertical light - 85% with oblique light at 45
Warp: Single thread diameter 0.285 mm, no. threads 16
Weft: flat TD 600, no. threads 6.3
Weight: approx. 163 gr per m2